Library Conditions of Use

A City of Karratha library membership entitles you to use Karratha, Dampier, Roebourne and Wickham Libraries. Please refer to the City of Karratha Libraries catalogue for opening hours, access to eResources and to view your online account. 

Conditions of use

The library is a place of respect and courtesy for members, visitors and staff. Members must behave appropriately in the library and in a manner which does not interrupt, disturb or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment of other library users or the staff.
Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by a parent or responsible person 16 years or older whilst in the library.
Children of any age, cannot visit the library during school hours, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Food and drinks can be consumed with care within the library. Please dispose of any waste thoughtfully.
Library visitors may use mobile telephones in a discretionary manner whilst in the library. Please be mindful of the comfort and needs of other patrons.
Library visitors and members may only bring animals into the library when they are recognised medical aid e.g guide dogs.
The member must understand that these Conditions of Use may change from time to time. Members can request a copy of this document from staff at any time.

Membership responsibilities

Full Membership - Adult

  • Available for free for all Western Australian residents aged 18+;
  • Proof of a Western Australian address and photo ID is required to register;
  • Ability to loan and request physical resources (loan limit = 12 items);
  • Access to eResources;
  • Ability to utilise Member’s WiFi and 2 hours free PC use per day (additional time can be purchased).

Full Membership – Young Adult and Junior

  • Available for free for all Western Australian residents under 18. A parent or guardian must take responsibility for all Young Adult and Junior memberships.
  • Ability to loan and request physical resources (loan limit = 12 items);
  • Access to eResources;
  • Ability to utilise Member’s WiFi and 2 hours free PC use per day (additional time can be purchased).

Travellers Membership – Single and Family

  • Travellers memberships are available for patrons who reside outside of Western Australia or cannot provide proof of a Western Australian address;
  • A bond payment, in accordance with the City of Karratha’s Schedule of Fees and Charges, is required. The bond is refundable when all items have been returned, accounts are free of charges and upon presentation of the original bond payment receipt;
  • Single membership includes a 3 item borrowing limit;
  • Family membership includes a 6 items borrowing limit;
  • Access to eResources;
  • Ability to utilise Member’s WiFi and 2 hours free PC use per day (additional time can be purchased).

Organisational Membership

  • Membership options are available for local organisations (e.g. Day Cares, Aged Care Facilities, Schools);
  • A registration form must be approved by the organisation’s Manager/Director.

Online Memberships

  • Available for free for all Western Australian residents aged 18+;
  • Access to eResources;
  • Ability to utilise Member’s WiFi and 2 hours free PC use per day (additional time can be purchased);
  • Online members cannot loan physical items, however they can visit their local library and provide photo identification and proof of a Western Australian address to upgrade to a full membership.

Exclusion or removal

The library is a public place that is accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, this can include those who choose to behave inappropriately. Therefore, in the interests of public safety and to ensure customers enjoy the facility when they visit, the City of Karratha staff have the authority to exclude, or have cause to remove, any person who in their opinion:

  • Is under the age of 10 and is not accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian (or is a child of any age attending the library during school hours without a parent/guardian);
  • Is disorderly;
  • Is guilty of offensive behaviour to staff or another member of the public;
  • Accesses illegal or pornographic material within the library;
  • Appears intoxicated or under the influence of drugs whilst in the library;
  • Any person who is not using the library for the purpose for which it is intended.

The City of Karratha can also suspend admission, the use of membership privileges, inclusive of access to materials and other services provided by the library, to any person who refuses or neglects to comply with the conditions of use outlined in this condition of use and/or under the regulations of the Library Board (Registered Public Libraries) Regulations 1985 and the Library Board Act of Western Australia 1951.

Conditions of use for electronic services

By accepting the Conditions of Use for Electronic Services when enrolling at a City of Karratha Library, members agree that they will abide by these conditions whilst using these facilities:

  • Library members are entitled to two hours free computer access per day. Additional usage can be purchased in accordance with the City of Karratha Schedule of Fees and Charges. Additional charges apply for printing.
  • Library members are also able to access the free member’s WiFi. Download limits apply.
  • Parents or guardians can set up Young Adult and Junior memberships with a password to enable children to use the public computers and WiFi. Children under the age of 10, must be supervised at all times by a parent/guardian.
  • The City of Karratha reserves the right to access or monitor any computer or other electronic device connected to their network to the extent allowed by relevant laws.

Usage Restrictions

No person can use computing equipment to:

  • Transmit, obtain possession, advertise or request the transmission of inappropriate material;
  • Use their personal software on library computers;
  • Transmit restricted material to a minor;
  • Make or display restricted material to a minor.

Material that is inappropriate includes that which may be considered to be pornographic or illegal.

Library scheduled use of equipment for programs, events and servicing takes precedence over individual use at all times.

The City of Karratha reserves the right to terminate an internet or computer session at any time and to bar the use of facilities.

Users are to respect relevant Australian Legislation, policies and associated documentation such as the Copyright Act, Trade Marks Act, Trade Practices Act, Spam Act, Anti-Discrimination Act, Legislation, Censorship Act, Cybercrime Act, Criminal Code and privacy policies.

All users are to abide by the general rules of appropriate conduct as outlined in this document.

The City of Karratha does not take any responsibility for technical problems in using software, saving documents, accessing sites or the accuracy of any information obtained.

Users should not alter any existing cables or connections on the library public computers, but may use vacant ports to connect their own devices or equipment (e.g. USBs, chargers, headphones).

Conditions for borrowing library resources

A library member will:

  • Present a current library card whenever borrowing resources from the library. This can be a physical copy, or an electronic copy using the Spydus Mobile App or other Apps with similar machine readable barcodes;
  • In the event of not having their library card, members can borrow on one occasion using photo identification before being required to purchase a replacement;
  • Be unable to borrow items, or utilise the public computers if there are outstanding charges on the membership cards.

Membership Responsibilities

  • The member must return all items borrowed from the library on or before the due date or renew the items before they fall due.
  • Renewal of items can be done in person, via the library catalogue or Spydus Mobile App, by telephone or via email. Reserved and long overdue items cannot be renewed.
  • The member must take responsibility and care for all items borrowed from the library. Parents/Guardians shall take responsibility for items on all cards issued to their children.
  • The members must take responsibility for examining all items prior to borrowing and satisfy themselves that no damage is evident to those items, and bring any such damage to the attention of the staff. This includes:
    • Checking that all discs are present in DVDs, Sound Recordings and Books (if applicable).
    • Checking that there are no missing parts or components – such as maps in travel guides, all pieces for Library of Things kits.
    • Checking for damage to the item – such as water damage, grubby marks, bite marks, tears.
  • The member will be charged for repairs or replacement to the items which are lost or damaged whilst on loan to the member.
  • The member must not make any changes or repairs to any items on loan to them.
  • The member must notify the library in the event of any changes to contact details.
  • The member must notify the library if a card is lost or stolen.
  • The liability for any items lent or charges incurred prior to such notification shall be maintained by the person to whom the card is issued to.
  • Lost and damaged items/cards attract a replacement fee, unless a police report can be produced.
  • Items can be returned at any City of Karratha Library branch during operating hours, or via the Returns Chutes at Karratha, Dampier and Wickham Libraries.


  • Library members are able to place up to eight reservations at any one time for items held at City of Karratha Libraries.
  • Reservations can be placed by using the online library catalogue or Spydus Mobile app. Reservations can also be placed in person, by telephone or via email.
  • If a library member cannot find the item they are looking for on the catalogue, they may submit a request to borrow the item from another library in WA. Restrictions apply.


  • Items checked out from a City of Karratha Library must be returned within the borrowing period or renewed.
  • This can be done in person, via the library catalogue, the Spydus Mobile App, by telephone or via email.
  • An item can be renewed twice, provided it has not been requested by another borrower.

Lost or Damaged Charges

  • If an item is damaged or has missing components, the member will be required to pay a fee for the item or component.
  • The charge for such damage may include the cost of fully replacing the item (inclusive of GST), if the City of Karratha or State Library of Western Australia deems it irreparable.
  • Where any item becomes ‘assumed lost’ the customer shall receive an invoice for the  replacement of the item.
  • Once an item is considered lost, the membership privileges will be suspended until all items are returned and/or charges are reconciled. 
  • Lost and damaged charges may be subject to depreciation depending on the age of the item and replacement costs.

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